From the universal laws of psychology to the relevance of Fashion Brand Management.

From the growth power of creative and lifestyle industries to the political decisions thatmight project cities of art into the future. From the brand identity of a techno-savvy start-up

to the storytelling that fast-moving consumer goods need to be communicated.


Whatever your basic skills are, this manual helps you to build and manage a brand in four essential steps:

Smells Like Teen Spirit - How to understand the post-Covid era and have a brand impact

on Generation Z, Millennials and Generation X.

Fashion Is a Beautiful Chaos - How to use the 3D Business Model of Fashion to create value by leveraging on human, social and industrial innovations.

Branding The Subconscious - How to interpret the system of archetypes to fine tune

the brand, the product, and the client personalities.

White Rabbit, Black Sheep, Wild Pig - How to envision your dynamic positioning on a semiotic map to communicate and sell in a state of non-competition.

Brand Persona contains several case studies on brands that really stand out for their vision, as well as excerpts from conversations, interviews, travel reports, executive meetings,

and original strategies the author has implemented throughout years of personal experience in management, consulting, and teaching around the world.

Foreword by Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci.

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